The impact of daily, professionally run educational and recreational after-school programs can be “life-saving” for a large segment of America’s youth, according to a national survey. In the National Survey of Boys & Girls Club Alumni, conducted by Louis Harris & Associates, well over half of former Club members indicated “participating in the Club saved my life.”

The survey, conducted in 2007, polled over 1,000 individuals who identified themselves as former members of a Boys Club or Boys & Girls Club. What stands out from the results is the level of emphasis expressed by former members. Below are some notable findings:

  • 57% said that the Club saved their lives, meaning they believe they would probably be dead, or in jail, had it not been for their Club experience and the guidance of the Club staff.
  • 33% were the first in their family to attend college.
  • 82% reported that “participation in the Club helped me develop a sense of responsibility to give back to my community.”
  • 43% had volunteered for a nonprofit organization in the previous cap & books
  • Two-thirds stated that the Club positively impacted their choices about drugs and alcohol.
  • Nationally, 16% of all students do not go on to graduate from high school, while only 8% of Boys & Girls Club alumni did not finish.
  • 34% of African American Boys & Girls Club male alumni earned a 4-year college degree, compared to the national rate of 16%.
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