Volunteer Week- Saturday

National Volunteer Week

“Thank you” to all of our volunteers. We couldn’t do it without you!

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Watch this page as we recognize a new Club volunteer every day this week!






Saturday’s featured volunteer is Terrance Seagers, who started helping at the Hartsville Boys & Girls Club in 2012.  He came to start a Chess Club as a way to give back to his community. Two years later, Mr. Seagers  is still coaching the Chess Club two days each week helping members become stronger chess players in preparation for the annual State Education Day competition.

Terrance is a great volunteer; we are lucky he has stayed with our Club for so long! He recalls that on his first visit he was nervous about the kids wanting to learn how to play chess, and was relieved when the kids were interested enough to ask questions. He immediately went to the library to find a book, just in case they had questions that he could not answer at their next meeting.

Terrance is now serving in our Mentoring Program; he says this has been as beneficial to himself as it is to the young man he mentors.  We are so grateful that Terrance has joined our team of volunteers.


Our second Hartsville volunteer is Linda Gibson, a retired teacher who is doing one-on-one tutoring with 4th grader Shanyla. Shanyla enjoys the one-on-one time with her tutor. Linda has volunteered to help this summer with the Club’s “Brain Gain” curriculum.

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